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A tool for managing quotas for your Low Ball or Dog Fight games.

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Change Notice

This is a new version of that is undergoing final beta test. Nearly all functions of the older version remain. Those that were left out (photo's and article's) may be added back at some time.

I need the Maxwell AFB gaggle to try out the new system and provide any feedback. It is going to change in a matter of weeks. If I don't get feedback, I'll change it and you'll have to live with it!

The changes are not drastic. The look and feel is different in that the design makes the site more usable on phones and tablets. Most wide tables that would not fit on a phone page have been changed to vertical tables in columns. As the size of the screen get smaller, the tables will wrap under each other.

Almost everything you do is centered around Events. The process is about the same, but a few steps have been added to accompany other groups. The processes are:

  • Create a new event - brings up an 'add participants' page when created.
  • Add Participants/Attendees to the event. Done by buttons that move active/inactive members to the event. Update participants will add the members to the event and bring up a page that allows you make changes for form teams.
  • Forming Teams provides options on forming teams [individual, twosomes, threesomes, foursomes, mixed, or assigned].
  • After picking an option, you may change tees, select who is in skins/birdie game, etc.
  • Forming the teams will move event to Pending and will await scoring after the round is complete.
  • In the "Pending" status, you can score all the teams/inidviduals at once or one team at a time.
  • Once all team scores are entered you can save the event as a Scored Event. Quotas will be recomputed and you are don with the process.
  • You can form teams, play, then score teams or do it all at the end. It depends on how the group prefers.