Golf Gaggle

Golf is an amazing game. It can be played alone or with others in a group. Played either way, it brings on the joys and frustrations that is inherent with the game.

Gaggle Besides the usual reference to a flock of geese, is a term that is prevalent in the military with a totally different meaning. In military slang, the term gaggle is often used to describe; An unorganized group doing nothing. A Golf Gaggle usually refers to a semi-organized group that play regularly at a home course.

This site tries to help these groups get organized - keeping track of their group's members, events, and scores. With organization, the members can concentrate on playing golf, which is much more than "nothing".

Outside of the military, the word "gaggle" can often be replaced with "dogfight" (which is another military term!). A golf "dogfight" is a game that allows players with differing skill level to compete. While the USGA Golf Handicap system provides this capability, the dogfight quota system allows groups to take into account factors that the handicap system does not provide. These factors include the number of scores tracked, better responsiveness to trends (playing good-bad, winter, summer, etc). This sites uses a flexible dogfight quota system to manage groups. Flexibility is required because each group adopts a set of rules that are often different from other groups.

This is a free service for the first year a group uses the service. If the service is renewed, there may be a minimal "donation" charge to help defray the expenses of the site. Read more about this in "Goals" link on the left.